Day 16 of a writer’s blog

Day 16 of a writer's blog

This pic reminds me of a writer’s life. An amusement park is full of excitement, up and down roller coaster rides and kind of crazy. So this week I had three rejections; okay one was not an actual rejection. It was a non-win of a contest I submitted to: Photo Flare in which I did make runner-up. Oh why oh why do I beat myself up so much whenever I don’t achieve my goals? Also, I had a rejection from Spellbound for my dragon story. I wonder if I’ll ever make it into that magazine. The other rejection was from Shine Brightly. I also got one shortlisted story each from Sparkle and Shine Brightly, but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ve had plenty stories short-listed that were never published.
A question out there for any writers that might be reading my blog, if that’s not too optimistic, what is the most number of places you’ve sent one story to? Do you simultaneously submit or wait until you’re rejected and then submit? Okay, that is more than one question. I’ve sent a story up to 5 places so far, and revised that story a few times. I’ve sent other stories a few places, too. As a writer, I hate to give up on a story I loved writing. Do any of you feel that way?
So, I submitted to two places this week; one was to Calvinist Cadets, a boys’ Christian magazine and the other was to Daily Science Fiction.
My thought for the day is: Keep stories concise. I struggle with wordiness, myself. I believe there are many more markets out there for flash fiction, and people seem more likely to read shorter stories. I seem to be finding that out.
One more thing, enjoy the ride!


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