Day 15 of a writer’s blog

Day 15 of a writer's blog

I have to admit that sometimes my life seems a bit upside down.Both my writing and my personal life, but today I hit a milestone. Not that I want to advertise but it is my 50th birthday. I am only sad that I waited til I was 48 to really start gearing up and putting my writing dreams to action, but I believe I’ve come far in two years. Today, I got another piece of good news. Guardian Angel Kids accepted a story of mine! A perfect birthday gift. This is my 26th acceptance!
On more of a depressing note, Monday I received a rejection from untied shoelaces of the mind for a grown-up story. They said it was way too depressing. Also mentioned they didn’t read it all, and it was not long, only 1,619 words and you didn’t read it all? How bad was it? Also, as it was a fantasy type story, aren’t many of those rather depressing?
Okay, I’m done complaining. I’m happy with my one acceptance this week. I also submitted two stories this week, one a nonfiction article for the circus edition of Guardian angel kids, and one story to the First Line. I really liked it and I hope as it is about my fifth or sixth story I’ve submitted there, that this one is accepted. Fingers crossed!
Yes, my life is often upside down and topsy turvy, but I am living my dream, writing for money, even if it’s only small compensation right now.
Thought for the day: Dream big, accept the small things as big things! Now if I can only put all I say into practice next week when more rejections pour in.


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