Day 13 of a writer’s blog

Day 13 of a writer's blog

They are calling for snow tonite in PA and even though I am no fan of winter, I thought I’d post a wintry picture. This has been a great week. I got an acceptance on Monday from Knowonder! This was my second acceptance in two weeks, a definite record for me.
I received no rejections, and I submitted to two places, Ruminate and the Photo Flare Contest. I wrote one and a half stories, so I’m feeling good.
I worked on lengthening and shortening two stories that I am sending out next week.
For any that might read my blog: One Teen Story is now open for submissions and there is news at Guardian Angel Kids. Donna McDine is stepping down as fiction editor and Mary Sue Roberts is taking her place. I hope Mary Sue likes my stuff as much as Donna has. It was a real pleasure writing things for Guardian Angel Kids. I hope to continue doing so.
Thought for the day: Write what you love. It’s easy to get bogged down trying to make money. Writing what I enjoy makes the reading more enjoyable for others, I think.


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