Day 11 of a writer’s blog

Day 11 of a writer's blog

I must admit that having my daughter’s dog and mine together did curb my writing a bit the last four days but I still managed to write one story and an article this week which, I have my fingers crossed, will have a good chance of publication. For other news on a down note, I got two rejections this week. One from Highlights telling me my plot wasn’t strong enough. I have rewritten this particular story four or five times in three different ways and still there is no success. Yet, I believe strongly in this story about dustbowl times, so I know I’m going to try it again. Wish me luck! My second rejection was from Shine Brightly on a shortlisted story. My shortlisted stories get rejected there about 80 percent of the time, so…
I have already sent in a story for this week to Kids’Ark, and I sent in two items last week, one to Guardian Angel Kids and one to Room Magazine.
My thought for the day is: Use rejections for fuel to write. Actually, I stole that one from Enchanted Spark. Thanks, Melinda!


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