day 8 of a writer’s blog

Well, today has gone better than yesterday.  I got a rejection, which makes two this week, from Tales of old, because my well-written story was too sad.  It is more sad now that it is rejected.  Also, I got a rejection from Contrary.  Also, yesterday, I found out that I would be penalized for not paying my per capita taxes even though I was only a few days past the Dec. 31st deadline, a stupid oversight on my part, putting things off.  Now, I have to wait until it goes into collection and pay it in February.   My husband let me know that now my check which I received from guide will only have a $10 surplus because the rest has to go toward my stupidity.  However, I received an acceptance today from Bread for God’s Children for a story I gave up on because I submitted it over a year ago.  That was an unexpected surprise!  So, my thought for today is Never give up!  You never know whether you’ll have success with a story.  I know I’ve sent some of mine repeatedly. 


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