Day 7 of a writer’s blog

Day 7 of a writer's blog

Here are some quick updates for this first week of the new year. I have returned to my submission process. I submitted to two places. The first was to Spellbound, a children’s fantasy ezine. The second was to Knowonder! which just recently opened again to submissions after a brief hiatus of a few months. Alas! I also got a rejection again this week from Cast of Wonders which I submitted to in July of last year. It was a long time to wait for a rejection. The rejection was one of the least personable I’ve ever been sent. It just said your status has changed. I was directed to submittable and it said “declined” not very nice, but such is often the publishing world. I’m not letting it get me down.
I haven’t returned to writing yet and hope I soon can get back into the swing of things as my puppy progresses into more reliable housebreaking. My thought for the day is Research before you submit. Hoping for good news soon.


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