Day 6 of a writer’s Blog

Day 6 of a writer's Blog

I must confess that this has been a very discouraging week for me. I have had four rejections, and no acceptances, no time to write or send in new work and the holidays are almost over so I have no more excuses to get going again. My rejections were:
1. Flash Fiction Onlne: They have unfortunately decided not to publish my story, in their words.
2. My one sentence story was rejected. Although it was liked, they weren’t sure it was best done in a one sentence story format.
3 and 4 were from Guardian Angel Kids a poem and an article; both were rejected.
Sigh! So my thought for the day is to keep plodding on even when the odds are against you.

On happier notes, the new puppy is doing well, actually going “outside” more than inside, which is great for only having her two weeks. Since, I’m having more success with her than with my writing, I’m wondering if I need to start a puppy owner’s blog, esp. since nobody but me seems to read this. Ta Ta for now!

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