Day 3 of a writer’s blog

Day 3 of a writer's blog

Today is December 14th and although I’ve blogged every day since I’ve started two days ago, I won’t be doing that in the future. I just wanted to add some weekly notes. First of all, I sent out four submissions this week instead of two. I did this because these are my final submissions for the year as I am breaking until January because of Christmas and because I am planning on getting a puppy tomorrow. Yay! Two of my submissions were to Guardian Angel Kids(one was a poem and one a fictional story) and the third was to Flashfiction online and the last one was to Tales of Old. I hope to have some encouraging news eventually at least from one of them. I will keep posting. I am very excited to be getting a puppy which is our one and only Christmas present this year to each other in our family. We recently lost our border collie ( four months ago) and have been looking into getting a new puppy since then. So, maybe next time I’ll post a picture of her, although that has nothing to do with writing. So my thought for the day is: Keep the imagination going, and keep writing!


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